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We are privileged to have worked with and continuously work to manage a variety of conditions affecting children. These conditions include Autism, Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder, Dyspraxia and Stroke, working to improve function in activities such as writing, dressing, fine motor and gross motor activities and self-care based activities among many others.

Autistic Spectrum Disorder

It’s a developmental disorder characterized by difficulties in social interaction, communication and by restricted or repetitive patterns of thought and behavior.

We work on fine motor and visual perception skills to improve on the attention and concentration span of the child by use of different activities.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

It’s a neurological disorder with a range of behavior challenges such as difficulty attending instructions, completing tasks and social interactions.

We work with the parents, school and the student to make individual sensory diet and classroom adaptation systems that will aid the child to develop great organizational skills.

Cerebral Palsy

Is a disorder of movement, muscle tone, and posture that is caused by damage that occurs to the immature, developing brain or before birth.

We work to reduce the risk of fixed postural changes and to improve the child’s skills by adapting tasks, teaching, and training or advising on appropriate assistive technology to maximize independence.

Down’s syndrome

It’s a genetic condition that affects a person’s cognitive ability and physical growth, causes a mild to moderate developmental issues, and present a higher risk of some health problems.

We work on fine motor skills, positioning and feeding techniques to promote arm and hand movements that lay a foundation for later developing fine motor skills.

Sensory Processing Disorders

It’s a condition in which the brain has trouble receiving and responding to senses information. It can show up as over or under-responsive to stimulation.

We plan a sensory diet and engage the child in physical therapeutic activities that are designed to regulate their sensory input to make them feel more comfortable, secure and able to focus.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

ADHD is a neurological condition that is characterized by a wide range of academic, social, and behavior problems.

We design an individual sensory diet to provide a child with the type of stimulation that they need to remain focused.


Is a learning difficulty that primarily affects the skills involved in word reading and spelling causing difficulties in phonological awareness, verbal memory, and verbal processing speed.

We work on the child's fine motor development and visual perceptual skills to ensure he/she has a solid foundation in letter formation, spatial relations, and orientation.


Is a form of developmental coordination disorder affecting an individual’s ability to plan and process motor tasks, it affects fine motor skills, motor planning, and coordination.

We work with the child to improve the fine motor skills, handwriting skills, and also train them on activities of daily living as well as improving their co-ordination skills


It’s a learning disability in mathematics, it may present with a wide range of difficulties like problems with learning to tell time as well as issues with identifying the left side from the right side.

We work with the child by engaging in activities and social stories to deal with anxiety which usually affects their learning ability.

Learning Disabilities

These affect the way in which a child learns new things. The child may have problems in reading or writing, poor memory, clumsiness, or problem staying organized.

We use an evidence-based printing program that promotes the use of developmentally appropriate material and multi-sensory tools, which help children learn more effectively

In order to maintain the high quality services that we provide, all of our treatment sessions will be regularly reviewed and a final outcome used as a form of evidence to show the improved results through therapy.

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