Working With You to Achieve Defined Therapy Goals

We are fully committed to providing your child with the best treatment and by following a clear process; each individual therapist can ensure that your child’s care is at the centre of our practice.

This provides us with an opportunity to deliver the improvements that matter most to you, your child and your family. Whether that be improved handwriting, improved balance and co-ordination or advice on the latest adaptive equipment available to further improve the quality of your child’s life.

The Process...

Therapy Referral

This is the first contact the patient has with the therapist, and is used to determine what service may be best appropriate for you in case you are unsure if Occupational Therapy can help your child.

Getting Information

Here, we gather information on the difficulties your child may be experiencing to form the basis of your initial assessment, and identify the key goals that both you and your child want to achieve from therapy.


At this point, our therapist would use their knowledge and understanding of conditions to choose the most suitable assessment for your child to help them gain a better insight into the difficulties your child is experiencing

Problem Formulation

This stage enables you to work with the therapist and express your concerns of both the day to day function at school and at home, concerns you may have for the future and, how this will affect the development of your child.

Goal Setting

Once the problem list has been formulated, our therapist will help both you and your child decide which of these problems are the most important, most urgent and most influential in ensuring your child leads a happy life.

Intervention Plan

Here, we collaboratively set a plan to help your child reach their goals using one to one interventions. We aim to maximize independence and improve the health and well being of your child, ensuring that they reach their goals.

Regular Reviews

Through out the therapy treatment period, we regularly review the progress your child is making through the use of various outcome based tools that demonstrate how close you are to achieving the goals


An outcome measurement is carried out at regular intervals to demonstrate change in your child’s ability over time. We provide a clear, detailed and accurate analysis of the progress your child is making during therapy.

Final Review

We will evaluate how therapy has progressed, how the child is progressing in school and at home using the strategies provided during previous treatment sessions and if we can offer you any other services before discharge.


Once you are happy with the progress your child has made during therapy, all assessments and treatment sessions have been completed reports received and understood, then your child can be discharged.

The Occupational Therapy process that puts you first enables us to provide you with the most effective treatment and work collaboratively with you to produce clearly defined therapy goals and treatment. All of our experienced paediatric occupational therapists have been specially trained and use the Occupational Therapy process as a guide to treatment.

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