We Create New

Opportunities For all Children

Dynamic Occupational Therapy is an independent, private Paediatric Occupational Therapy company. Our services involve working with children aged from 0 – 18years.

Our aim is to enable your child to live as happy and independently as possible, through therapy, based around activities they find meaningful. We meet the goals that YOU set through activities that children enjoy doing.

Some of the conditions we work with include Autism, Attention Deficit Hyper Activity Disorder, Dyspraxia and Stroke, working to improve function in activities such as writing, dressing, fine motor and gross motor activities and self-care based activities.

We can help your child develop in the areas they find most difficult

Your Child’s Quality of Life is

Our Priority

We believe that every child deserves the right to play, socialize and to be given the tools needed to develop their skills. We therefore, hand-pick therapists who have pediatric Occupational Therapy experience and are 100% committed to providing you with the latest in therapy treatment options. To ensure our work is at the highest standard, all of our therapists undergo regular appraisals, reviews and reflections on how better they can improve their practice.

We Understand

We understand your concerns. We assess and discuss your child's condition and treatment

We are Effective

Our treatments work. We aim to improve your child’s ability both at home and within school.

Your Child at Heart

We give your child the greatest chance of enjoying a better quality of life in the future.

Ratings and Reviews

What Our Clients Say About Us

Dynamic has given my son Nathan a new lease of life. They have re-ignited hope in me that my son can lead a fully independent life. I especially love their home programs as they empower the parents with knowledge on also how to work with your children at home. I would choose Dynamic anytime
What is evident about Dynamic Occupational Therapy is that they are quite organized and this enables them to make meaningful impacts, as each OT session is focused on achieving a particular goal. Their professional standards are also desirable as client satisfaction is given the highest priority. Keep up the good job.
Having worked with the team for the past one year, I particularly love their approaches on sensory dieting. They offer a wide range of child-friendly activities that respond to particular needs of a child. As a special needs teacher, we work closely with this team of professionals to help my client cope with his sensory needs.

Grace Wambui

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Paul Onyango

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