Occupational Therapy

Areas we Focus on in Treatment

We are fully committed to providing your child with the best treatment; and by following a clear process, we ensure that your child’s care is at the center of our practice. This provides us with an opportunity to deliver the improvements that matter most to you, your child and your family.


Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are movements of the hand needed to manipulate, control and use objects, produce legible, neat handwriting, and dress independently. We identify exactly which component of fine motor skills your child is struggling with and provide effective treatment to improve fine motor skills and increase hand movement and function.

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Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are movements completed by the whole body. They include producing smooth, fluid, and accurate movements needed to compete in sports and move through space safely. We analyze your child's gross motor skills, determine where the deficit lies, and provide treatment to improve these components.

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Sensory Processing

A child with Sensory processing difficulties is either over-sensitive to the environment or will show little or no reaction to otherwise extreme sensory input. We provide an assessment of the specific sensory deficits that your child may be experiencing. We then discuss goals and ultimately provide treatment aimed at improving sensory processing.

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Delayed Milestones

Over time, there are generally accepted milestones that children should reach by certain ages. Sometimes, however, a child may not develop as expected and may need therapy to promote this development. We help to further the development of children who may find adapting to the world around them more difficult than others. In order to maintain the high-quality services we provide, all of our treatment sessions will be regularly reviewed, and an outcome will be used as evidence to show the improved results through therapy.

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