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Relevant Knowledge and Skills

We offer on-site and virtual workshops to parents, caregivers/nannies, teachers, therapists, and other professionals.
The workshops and training programs are designed to capacity-build and empower all who interact with children with special needs.


Parents' Workshops

We offer training workshops for parents which are geared towards sharing knowledge of different conditions and offer the hands-on techniques required to take care of children with developmental challenges.

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Teachers' Workshops

Our teacher training workshops are detailed and tailor-made to fit the teachers' needs. We go the extra mile to do follow-ups after the workshops, which aids the teacher in implementing what they learned.

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Caregivers/Nanny Training

Nannies are great social support for children with special needs; as a company, we focus on capacity-building nannies to be able to engage with the children therapeutically throughout the day.

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Government, NGOs, and Institutions

This knowledge will aid the institutions in making right policies and in determining the cost of different projects. We are able to offer workshops to various institutions as per their needs.

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