Is Teletherapy as effective as In-Person Therapy?

Yes, once the client is deemed appropriate for Teletherapy sessions, goals are set, and every session is structured to work towards achieving these goals, just like the physical session's progress is achieved over a period of time.

How can you know if a client is appropriate for Teletherapy?

Through an initial consultation where the therapist will check on the client’s needs and capabilities. The therapist shall use their clinical judgment to decide if the client will benefit from Teletherapy.

Is Teletherapy appropriate for older children only?

No, Teletherapy is for all aged children; for younger children and infants, the parents/caregiver shall be the facilitators at home. The parents will be guided through the various sessions on what to do.

Which gadget can I use for Teletherapy?

The client and the therapist can use a smartphone, laptop, IPAD, or Tablet. One important thing that should be considered is the built-in camera, microphone, and speaker should be working.

How long is a Teletherapy session?

The length of time depends on each therapist and client. Some clients can concentrate for an hour, and some can only concentrate for 30 minutes. So the therapist can schedule 30-minute sessions twice a week.

Which environment is conducive to Teletherapy?

Both the client and the therapist should have a distraction-free environment. In addition, the therapist should ensure they use a room that will ensure the privacy of the session.

Is a rapport between the therapist, the client, and the parent/caregiver important?

Yes, a good rapport is very important; just like the on-site sessions, a good rapport will be able to facilitate the effectiveness of the Teletherapy sessions.

Is it important to have a consistent day and time for a Teletherapy session?

Yes, a consistent day and time, just like the on-site therapy session, will encourage great planning both for the therapist and the parent.

Will the client have home program activities given during Teletherapy?

Yes, home programs can be given virtually.

Does one need to prepare for a Teletherapy session?

Yes, both the client and the therapist need to prepare the materials needed before the therapy session.