We Equip You With Relevant Knowledge and Skills

We offer workshops to parents, teachers, therapists and other professionals on a variety of topics including sensory processing, sensory circuits/diets, how to work with an autistic child, how to train a child with special needs to dress, just to mention but a few.

Parents' Workshop

We offer training workshops for parents which are geared towards sharing knowledge of different conditions and offer the hands-on techniques required to take care of children with development challenges

When a parent fully understands their child's difficulties, they are able to participate and thus optimize the effectiveness of the therapy.

Teachers' Workshop

Our teacher training workshops are detailed and are tailor-made to fit the teachers' needs. We go the extra mile to do follow-ups after the workshops which aides the teacher implement what they learnt.

Teachers who are equipped with relevant knowledge and skills are so instrumental in aiding students to overcome their difficulties.

Government, NGO's and Institutions

It is important for the Government, Civil Society Organization and NGOs/Non-Profit Organizations to be fully aware of what therapy involves and what the various conditions are. This knowledge will aide the various institutions in making right policies and in determining the cost of different projects. We are able to offer workshops to the various institutions as per their needs.

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