School Based Project at Nakeel Special Unit

Dynamic Occupational Therapy was happy to identify Nakeel Special Unit as its CSR project in December 2018. Discussions between D.O.T management and Nakeel’s Management commenced and in January 2019 the project started. Nakeel Primary School is located in Kajiado County, Kajiado North sub-county. The school is one of the few Public schools that have a special unit

History of the Special Unit

Nakeel primary school’s special unit was started back in 2006 with 3 children, one being blind and two others had low vision. The special unit was started to cater for visually and hearing impairments. In 2007 they added 2 other students who had hearing impairments.

At the time of our visit, the school had 4 teachers and a total of 53 special needs students; where 35 of them are in special unit, 10 students in integrated school and 8 others are catered at home visits. The special needs students in this school have the following varying conditions: Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Autism, Dyslexia and Hearing Impairment.

Needs Assessment

The project started with a needs assessment to guide the D.O.T team on what the special unit needed.

Parent’s Workshop

After a report of the needs assessment was shared to the school, a parent’s workshop was held on the 15th February, 2019. The workshop was well attended by the parents/caregiver. Amongst those who shared was Maria Njeri of The Maria Njeri Foundation.

She truly moved the parents/caregivers, teachers and therapists with her personal story of her journey with Cerebral Palsy. The parents and teachers also shared their experiences and together, we learnt from each other on how special needs children are special and deserve to be loved.

Assessment of the Special Need Student

On 31st May, 2019, we were back to the school accompanied by a team of professionals to carry out individualized assessments. The team included Occupational Therapists, SENCO Specialists and an Assistant Speech and Language therapist. 27 students with various special needs were assessed and the reports were shared with the school on 26th July 2019.

Next Phase

The team is set to meet with the School Management at the beginning of the next school term and discuss the assessment reports and the strategies that can used to help each student.